I am here to help you tell your story.  It really is as simple as that.  We are going to explore ways to get our photos off the camera or computer and into tangible books that your friends and family can enjoy and share with you.  We are going to learn how to put into words the story of us. .And we are going to have a lot of creative fun doing it.

You, my friend, are an amazing human being, and your story, your legacy deserves to be told.  Your story, in your own voice, should reach across generations.  Are you in?  Then let’s begin.


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Sarah's Story

This is our family taken on my 50th in 2018.

Wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend.  I am all of these things and more.  Mostly, I am just me, living my life, like you, documenting it as I go along.  

I am married to my amazing Dave.  I call him my Buddha, because honestly nothing ever fazes him.  He literally lives every day as it comes and he is never a slave to expectations or societal demands.  And boy, can he make me laugh.  22 years of marriage and we still laugh our heads off at the drop of a hat! He is without doubt the rock in our family.  Jess, is our eldest.  She is soft, gentle and kind, and has given us our gorgeous grandson, Cameron.  Rory, our son-in-law, is a wonderful addition to our family.  Then there is Jordan.  He still lives at home.  He is funny, intelligent, articulate, also on the spectrum which is more challenging to him than it is to us.  I, of course, cannot imagine my life without this bunch.  They give my life purpose and meaning and I feel so blessed to have them.

Mostly, though,  I am about helping you to tell your story, because YOU are the one most qualified to tell YOUR OWN story, right?  

I first became interested in scrapbooking, or more accurately memory keeping, back in 2002.  I have always loved telling stories – writing them, acting them out – and when I happened across a Creative Memories scrapbooking stand at a country fair in the UK, I was smitten.  My journey into memory keeping truly began.

Over the years, as life has happened,  my memory keeping has ebbed and flowed.  But I am now an (almost) empty nester, so have a lot more time on my hands.  I have thousands of photographs on various devices and hard drives.  Play along with me as I sort them, and scrap them, so that my family can enjoy them for years to come.  Enjoy the stories of our family, and I would love to hear about yours too.  It is my greatest wish that as I tell my story, you are telling yours.

I am a Close to my Heart consultant as I love their papers in particular.  I am not very arty and the recipes that come with their Work your Way packs really work for me.  That their scrapbooking packs not only make 3 x 2-page spreads but two greeting cards as well, and include everything you need right down to the embellishments, is a total bonus!

Thank you for honouring me with your time in this corner of the frantic internet!  Let’s become friends and we can add each other to our stories.

Yours in memory keeping,